Audio Feedback Trainer

Welcome to the home of the Audio Feedback Trainer App. 

I developed this simple and effective app to help aspiring and seasoned audio engineers identify and eliminate the number one enemy of live audio: Feedback!

Don't' get fired! Become a ninja feedback killer with the AFT App. 


Learn to identify frequencies working with the right tool for the job, the 31-band graphic equalizer. You will create muscle (Finger) memory within the graphic EQ, so it becomes second nature. For a better experience, use headphones or speakers at LOW VOLUMES. 


The AFT App is incredibly easy to use:


Slide Up to learn different frequencies.


Double-tap on any slider or press STOP to kill feedback. 


Press START for random frequencies.


Slide Down to kill feedback (as you would in a live situation).


We got rid of the lowest and highest frequencies that a standard sound system won’t reproduce, making room for the sliders. 

You can get the AFT app in the App Store and Google Play.