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I'm a Composer, Music Producer and Audio Engineer from Austin, TX. 


I'm the founder of Fondo Blanco Latin Band, one of the top corporate and wedding bands in South Florida. 






I'm the developer of the Audio Feedback Trainer App for iOS and Android, created for audio students and professionals. It's a tool for learning to identify and eliminate audio feedback frequencies (ringing).









I'm also the co-owner, along with my wife, of www.guavajewelry.net, a successful handmade jewelry online store.

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Studio Productions


Surá Album. Surá:

Music Producer, Arranger,


Prometo Album. Dreamfrito:

Music Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer

Soy Como Soy Album.

Kati Fernandes:

Music Producer, Arranger, 


EntreNos Album. EntreNos:

Music Producer, Arranger, 


Ta Trancao Album. Malanga:

Music Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Se Que Mientes Single, Katherine Arocha:

Music Producer, Composer, Arranger, MIDI Programming, Mixing Engineer, Background Vocals

Mambo Mongo Single,

Kati Fernandes:

Recording and mixing Engineer

Lejos Acoustic Version

Ismael Souce (Cabaret)

Producer, Recording and mixing Engineer


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